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HB Siegel talks innovation and creativity at the 2016 eClub Xmas Party

On December 1 2016, the special Christmas-flavoured 40th edition of eClub played host to Amazon futurist HB Siegel—a very different kind of one per center.

Thomas Edison famously said, “ Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.” Sure, even the most innovative and brain-meltingly brilliant idea still needs a huge investment of effort to become a reality. However, no amount of dogged effort can replace that creative spark. It’s that one per cent of “What if…?” that drives the innovator to invest so much perspiration. And it’s that one per cent that fascinates HB Siegel.

Siegel treated the capacity eClub crowd to a keynote that steered well away from the ninety-nine per cent—the technologies, processes, systems and business models that so often dominate discussions around innovation (Yes, we get it. Uber owns no cars. Airbnb owns no hotels. But how does knowing that fact help anyone else create his or her own Eureka moment?). Instead, Siegel shared some of his methods for prompting those moments of creative revelation, drawing upon the techniques developed by lateral thinking inventor Edward De Bono. The result was an audience playing with ideas unfettered by practicalities or expectations.

Carli Johnston of AR/VR company Virtual Method deserves special thanks for making HB Siegel’s first visit to Sydney possible. Virtual Method were just one of a number of technology showcases—including VR startup Humense; video producers Page2; and tech educators Devika Learning— prompting guests to put down that Christmas drink for just a moment so they could play with some of the latest technologies and imagine creative new ways to apply them in business.

The event also celebrated the twentieth anniversary of Offis (née Virtual.Offis), which has hosted regular eClub events for sixteen of those exciting years. Founder Craig Allen—dazzling in his cloud-white suit—remembered the company’s beginnings, while CEO Franck Demoiseau described the very different multi-cloud world that today’s Offis now thrives within.

With well over 200 people networking (and dancing) until very late, fuelled by plenty of food and drink, this year’s eClub Christmas Spectacular closed the year on an extremely positive and inspirational note, ready for even more great ideas and innovations in 2017.

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