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Multi-Cloud Management Fundamentals

Offis is the exclusive ANZ training partner for RightScale, helping CIOs and their teams to move past implementation, through optimisation and into maximisation of your multi-cloud strategy as quickly as possible. Learn more about RightScale Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

The global leader in multi-cloud management, RightScale is rapidly being adopted by many Australian enterprises. As always, any tool is only as effective as the skills of those tasked with using it.

Offis has developed the RightScale training course to help CIOs, sys admins and their teams get to grips with RightScale quickly and with a detailed understanding of best practice.

The RightScale Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is an enterprise grade application with significant functionality and capability. CMP Training is thus a fundamental requirement for staff involved in the design, delivery and ongoing operational support of cloud based applications, infrastructure and services.

Course Overview:

The RightScale Cloud Management Fundamentals course covers a range of topics related to the efficient and maximised use of RightScale in a multi-cloud strategy, including:

  • Cloud management
  • Cloud automation
  • Working with templates and scripts
  • Resource management
  • Self service workflows
  • Cloud analytics

By the end of the course, each attendee will have built a complete 3-tier web deployment with high availability using RightScale and will be capable of deploying into a wide range of clouds – both public and private.

Course Outline:

The Cloud Management Fundamentals course is delivered as four half-day sessions.

Day One:

Module 1: Overview

  • The physical and software requirements of RightScale
  • An overview of the RightScale Account and RightScale User features
  • An architectural overview

Tutorial 1: Attendees are taken through how to configure their user accounts

Module 2: RightScale Terminology & Key Concepts

  • Important definitions and concepts
  • Understanding the RightScale methodology

Module 3: An Introduction to Cloud Analytics

Day Two:

Module 4: Cloud Management

  • Using the RightScale cloud management dashboard to navigate the multi-cloud marketplace
  • Using server templates with RightScripts and/or Chef recipes
  • Best practice for monitoring, alerts and escalations
  • Image and configuration management
  • Useful RightScale API Examples

Day Three:

Tutorial 2: Each attendee will be guided and assisted to build a 3-tier deployment with high availability

Day Four:

Module 5: Self Service

  • Overview
  • Cloud Application Templates

Tutorial 3: Attendees will build and publish their own cloud application

Module 6: Maintenance & Clean Up

  • Simple workflows with templates and scripts
  • Administering keys and credentials
  • Managing various volumes, snapshots and DNS records
  • Best practice deployments

Who Should Attend:

The RightScale Cloud Management Fundamentals course has been specifically designed to assist cloud administrators who already manage one virtualised environment and now need to manage multiple environments across public and/or private clouds.

The course assumes your organisation has already implemented – or is in the process of implementing – RightScale.

It is NOT an entry-level course and does not cover introductory or broader topics related to cloud computing. It also doesn’t cover the fundamentals of hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure. Attendees will be assumed to already have a working knowledge and experience of these concepts.

Each attendee will need to bring a laptop for which they have administrator access enabling them to configure personal key-based access to the RightScale platform.

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