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Support for the development community is part of the DNA of our company. So when we realised how many projects were being derailed because hosting providers were charging before applications were in production, we saw a way to do things differently.

We launched a Try B4 U Buy service that lets developers and businesses trial our services before any monthly payment is required. No more being out of pocket and locked into a contract before you realise it’s not the best fit for your business. No more paying out before you’re done working on the application and you’re still in acceptance testing. Selected customers can even take advantage of 45 days’ free hosting thanks to our Incubator Program.

What features can I expect from Offis Try B4 U Buy?

Try B4 U Buy offers our standard suite of features, oriented toward proof of concept and testing rather than revenue generation so customers can test our services and their ideas at minimal outlay!

  • Choose from any of our managed servers
  • Minimal-cost proof of concept, demonstration and development environments
  • Test our services without being locked in to a contract

What Benefits can I expect from Offis Try B4 U Buy?

You’re not locked into a contract, and you’re not handing over money for services you don’t want or need.

  • Pay only a set-up fee and bandwidth fees - no contract
  • 45 days’ free hosting
  • No cancellation fees
  • Unique provision helps deliver projects on time - and on budget

After your 45 days’ free hosting, if you want to move to a live production or revenue generating environment, that’s the time to sign our Service Order and agree to our terms and Conditions. But by then, you’ll know for yourself whether we’re right for each other!

If you’re ready to see if our services would be a good fit for your business, contact Offis now!

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