Multi-Cloud Services

As various cloud environments grow, innovative businesses are moving to multi-cloud solutions. Access to this vital new technology keeps your business ahead of the pack. Working with our expert staff gives you access to superior skills, so your business can take advantage of new infrastructure trends early.

Do you need the versatility of cloud with the security of dedicated servers? Offis makes good on the promise of Cloud as a Service. Our team of experts will work with you to create Single, Multi or Hybrid Cloud services built to the needs of your business, using a tailored blend of virtual and dedicated servers, private and public cloud that allows you to scale your infrastructure to your workloads.

Many businesses see the benefits of moving to Cloud solutions, but lack a clear transition strategy. Offis has a dedicated team with the expertise to plan and implement a comprehensive strategy that moves workloads and environments over to appropriate Cloud solutions.

If you want to know the difference Offis could be making to your business, we can carry out ‘what if’ analyses based on security, performance and price, comparing existing and predicted workloads across multiple configurations.


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