Offis transitions to become Multi-Cloud Managed Services provider.

Chy discusses with Caroline how Offis has transformed into a Multi-Cloud Enabled Managed Services Provider and what that means for our customers.


Chy - We've been transforming our business quite a bit. We currently do Managed Services, obviously. We look after servers, Infrastructure, CPU, RAM, Storage, we do security patching, but we're actually going further up the stack in terms of what our customers are looking for and help them manage a bit more about the application and the database. In the last twelve months, we've also brought on some professional services that allows us to consult on infrastructure on the customer's premises or if they have infrastructure in the cloud or someone else's infrastructure we can manage that and run that. What we've done to allow us to do that better is deploy a cloud management platform, so we can look at infrastructure on our premises, on the customer's premises, or in either IBM Softlayer, RackSpace, AWS, any cloud environment really, and evaluate on the basis of Security, Performance and Price on behalf of our customer.