Offis Cloud Services delivers on the promise of managed cloud because we’re part of the most motivated, knowledgeable community of enthusiastic professionals on the web - or off it.

Join Offis, Google, a celebrity Chef and a Cloud expert to cook up a sensational cloud strategy and veritable feast at Googles HQ in Sydney.


Data is transforming the way we live, work and relate to each other. At this Autumn's Gathering of SkunkMonk a prestegious panel of data professionals had a lively discussion around the present and future use of data to enhance our lives, gain valuable insights and potential security issues around our personal data. Offis Multi Cloud Managed Services hosts SkunkMonk at LÁqua Gold Room, The Roof Terrace - Cockle Bay Wharf - Darling Harbour - 23rd April 2015.


It used to be that IT was a completely separate, almost stand-alone function in business. Each component existed in its own silo, working independently of others. Today, successful businesses realise that this fragmented, isolated approach to IT is not only dated, but it’s something that can ultimately damage the business in the long run.